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    Engages Each Child

  • Laura Crump, with a master’s degree in early childhood education, is an award-winning educator, speaker, and founder of storybox learning. She has taught over 35 years in elementary and preschool education, formally and informally.

    After spending summers with the Anishnabek people in Canada, Laura observed the link between oral tradition and literacy, and integrated this strategy into the classroom with tremendous success. She speaks about her unique emphasis on cross-curricular learning at various workshops and conferences throughout Michigan, Indiana and Canada, while also providing trainings to educators through National Heritage Academies. Laura is the creator of the “Fantastic Fives” program at Cross Creek Academy in Byron Center, Michigan, the only one of its kind in the region.

    Recently, Laura published Fan Into Flame: Fueling Reading Comprehension Through Story Retelling and created kits to facilitate understanding and aid oral language. “My hope is to empower others through sharing best practices, rigorous cross-curricular planning and highly effective strategies which, in turn, will ignite passion and love for learning in each child”.

  • Children’s Success in Retelling Stories