Studying the Gospel of John this year has been so powerful.  This Easter Week God has laid so many things on my heart. Today, Good Friday, will be especially important to me.  I am compelled to mark it with a standing stone; not to be erected in nature, but in script.  Through tears and trials, He has revealed even greater truths than I could ever imagine and understand before.


It is out of the ashes, there is joy!  Through the darkness and despair, He is present and His power prevails.  This Good Friday I am remembering all that Jesus endured: excruciating pain, suffering, and degradation dying the death of a criminal on the cross for me.


The sign on the cross, refuted by the Pharisees and spiritual leaders of the time, read: “King of the Jews”.  It was written in Aramaic, Greek and Latin, the languages of all peoples.  The sign was suppose to state the crimes of the individual.  His only crime was that He was the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the Great I AM.


When I think of just my “crimes” nailed there, the list on the cross would extend around the earth.  But, even in considering this, there is more truth I understand now and am celebrating with tears of joy.


Each one of us, to some degree, experiences the darkness, pain, hurt and abandonment of Good Friday.  If you are walking through that time now, look to the joy of Easter morning in your life.  I have struggled through these times and am in the midst, but glory be to God, He is faithful.   Joy comes in the morning!


I have found joy and peace in this place.  Some days it may not be evident, but it is there, deep down in my soul. I am confident that His Power will prevail.  He has overcome all.


As if to confirm all this to me, God placed on my walk today a beautiful spring flower – bloodroot (pictured).  My son confirmed my identification and in his words; “blood in the grave (dirt) but white as snow above”.  The stem close to the soil has reddish sap and the flower is a beautiful white star.  What a beautiful reminder of God’s power and presence in our lives!  “All the earth worships You and sings praises to You; they sing praises to your name.” Psalm 66:4 ESV


Happy Easter!

He is risen indeed!

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