Recently, I have had the fun adventure of studying light with my grandson.  We are Scientific Sleuths!!  I learned so many things that I really didn’t understand before.

Since the beginning of creation we have known light in its natural form.  What are some forms of natural light?

When Edison invented the light bulb we were able to convert visible light electrically.  What kind of light is lightening?  Fireflies?  Aura Borealis?

So here are some fun, cool things I discovered about light.

Did you know???

  • That visible light is only a small portion of all light
  • White light has all the colors in it – red, yellow, orange, green, blue, indigo and violet
  • White paper/objects reflect most of the spectrum of colors – Use a magnifier and white paper to focus the rays (radiant light) of the sun to see radiant light transformed to chemical energy. That’s how we know not ALL the colors are reflected.
  • Black absorbs most all color.

Try this:

  1. In a dark room take a flashlight and shine it into the room. What objects do you see best? Why do you see some objects better than others?
  2. Take several colors of cloth or felt – Be sure to at least have black, white and red. Lay them in the sunlight for about 30-60 minutes. Which is the warmest? Which is the coolest? Can your arrange the colors from warmest to coolest? What did you discover?
  3. Only a small percent of light is visible to us. Most is unseen as shown in the diagram above. Take your television or DVD remote. Make sure it has a light bubble at the end. Point the remote away from the television or device. (Make sure no close walls are around). What happens? (Hopefully nothing)   Now take the remote pointing away from the TV and put a white piece of paper, about a foot away, in front of the remote. What happens? (It should turn on).   You just reflected the infrared light rays.
  4. Now take that same remote and your cell phone camera. Look to see if you see any light from the remote bubble when you turn it on. No light should be seen. Now take your cell phone camera and pretend to take a “selfie”. Point the beam to the camera. What do you see??? Light! There is a reason for this. Our phone cameras do not take out all the infrared light. Lots of good stuff on google.
  5. Last but not least – Check out the cool “Creatures of the Light” interactive exhibit going on a the Grand Rapids Public Museum. It is all about bioluminescent light!! It is amazing.


“Let the Sparks Fly!”





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