My grandson burst into my parent’s living room with red cheeks, “Want to see the game we invented, Mani?”  “Sure!”  I agreed.  Then I jumped up from the chair running downstairs to see what he and his cousin had cooked up.

Now in the lower level of my parent’s home is a pool table with a Ping-Pong cover for dual usage.  For my mom it also serves as a sewing table.  In the past, it was a great place to layout food for family gatherings.  Today, it took on another use – the New Game!

The net was down.  So I watched them, in karate-type motions, bat various balls with their hands across the surface.  They resorted back to ping pong balls for safety’s sake.  Whew!  The balls in motion had been narrowed down to four, to be exact.  This was their new game. However, as it is with children, the game just kept evolving.

It was at this point I joined in.  I found out that it was actually a great workout, too, chasing and hitting balls everywhere.   The object of this game was to see if we could keep all four balls on the table and rebounding back to each other without sending them off the table.  The goal was to keep the succession of hits going as in Ping-Pong, tennis or volleyball.  His cousin got distracted and was now under the table.  He had figured out how to hold himself up under the table with no evidence of him being there.  This was a game changer!

His cousin announced, he was a hungry mole!  His job now was to grab at any of the loose balls.  He pretended it was his food to eat.  Now that I look back, they did have the resemblance of white grubs: larva of various insects – hah!  It was so much fun!  This game progressed to a new level when the “mole” had stashed his “food” and we had to recover it.  Giggling, chasing, pulling and tickling ensued.  This is the joy of hanging out in a child’s world.  What an adventure to join in the fun of young imagination!

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