Have you ever wondered what the abundant, full life in Christ looks like?  I never really understood it.  It involves all – the storms, smooth sailing, calm seas, mountains to climb, slips, setbacks and deserts to persevere. Through all this, God is creating the fabric of our souls.

It was during one of these “drowning” times in my life, feeling numb, like I’d never surface in a sea of circumstances and life events, that I experienced the Master Weaver at work.

I had signed up for a weaving workshop and invested in the yarn I would be using.  Little did I know, after forcing myself to attend, that I would experience God’s grace, strength and beauty through the fibers I wove together?

I wanted to learn, what is called a double-weave.  This technique involves making a project that has a fold on one end and a double edge at the other on the loom.  If the tension is not done just right at the fold while weaving, when the blanket is taken off the loom, it could have loops or pulling right in the middle of the design.  This makes it difficult to do.  To make it even more complex, the backside of the warp cannot be seen while weaving as it is underneath and hidden.  Scary!

As I worked slow and tediously, day after day, I was delighted to see the design take place and colors intertwining on the top.  But I had to trust and hope that the unseen underside would be beautiful as well.  I was excited to pull it off the loom after a week and a half of persevering effort.

The beauty and softness of the cloth amazed me.  As I opened the blanket to its full width, I was delighted to see the middle line of the fold disappear into the threads of the design.  No pulls or loops visible in the weave.  It was a great lesson to me of how God weaves the fiber of each day just right, with exactly the right tension.  He is always at work in our lives – visibly and invisibly creating something soft and beautiful in our souls for eternity.


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