I shiver as I look out my window today.  White flakes whisking horizontally by and I hear the howling of the cold, biting, January winds.  I love the outdoors, but in Michigan when temperatures drop in the subzero range, it is time for a great indoor activity!  We can still study nature, but with the warmth and safety from inside.


So get a few books about walruses and other Arctic animals at your local library or search some websites like Active Wild  or do the tracks activities from Growing Up Wild!


Then after absorbing some great information, try some fun movement activities –

  • Move like a walrus. Have a race!
  • Clap like a seal while in the position pictured – seals do not have knees, so all your weight is on your hands and tummy, arms straight!↓
  • Hop & hide like an Arctic hare from the Arctic fox – remember back legs come forward like a rabbit.


Next, make a cardboard replica of a walrus tusk.  An average walrus tusk is 36 cm. or 14 inches. Male adult tusks can grow up to 100 cm. or 39 inches long!  Then go around your house and find things to measure – a door, a table, yourself!  You may wish to link the tusks together with a string for easier use in measuring long objects.  Using a hole punch, punch a hole at each end of the tusk. Connect several tusks end to end with string and measure away!  Be sure to predict before you measure.  Record your predictions and calculations on this data sheet.  Make learning an active adventure!

“Let the Sparks Fly!”

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You are doing a great job!!“…There’s a wart on the hair of the frog…”

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