Your cart is overflowing with groceries.  You remembered to bring your recycle bags (I can’t even do that).  One child is on the floor playing with items for sale, another is in the cart distracted by your phone.  You get looks from the cashier and the client ahead of you that hurt my heart.  You field a comment about your daughter taking things off the shelf and gently tell this person she loves to take them off and will put them all back. No worries!   It is a way to keep her busy while you check out.  Good Idea!

As your turn to check out approaches, your son wants to get out of the restraints of the cart.  You haven’t finished unloading but you lift him out and set him down for a moment.  His hands move quickly as cars for sale glide under the cabinet in the store.  You rescue them and scoop him back up.  He starts to scream.  More looks.  You hold him close saying the words he’s too young to express, “I’m so mad!  “I’m sooo mad!”

As he continues to scream you make a game of flopping him down and lifting him back up.  He starts to giggle, but as you flip him upright – he starts to scream.  You make a game of this pattern.  The screaming becomes less and the giggles grow.

Finishing your unloading and reloading, he plays with the buttons on the pay kiosk.  As the clerk stares, you smile and say, “He’s fascinated with buttons right now”.  Still, no endearing looks from others.  I admire you mom in the grocery store.  You are doing a great job!

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